Jedi Master Sabers all started when i noticed a lack of quality lightsabers for sale on the internet. As a fairly avid star wars fan myself, I found this extremely disappointing. So i decided to set up a small lightsaber shop which quickly grew with customers from around the world praising the quality of the lightsabers and our dedicated customer service. With our loyal custom base growing all the time, we decided to expand our product range along with stocking both RGB and the much requested XENOPIXEL 2.0.

Due to the popularity of our shop, we have now expanded our business to sell official star wars products ( Lightsabers and accessories excluded ) along with offering weathering, engraving and etching on our lightsaber, and now officially registered with company house ( 14043349 ). This is all thanks to our amazing customers

Here at Jedi Master Sabers, the quality of both the product and the customer service is of utmost importance and is at the core of our identity.

Jedi Master Sabers Ltd

Company Number 14043349

Registered Office: 16 Cowley Bridge Road, Exeter EX4 5AD

British Based Company in Exeter


Contact Address: hello@jedimastersabers.co.uk