XENOPIXEL Firmware update

Updating your XenoPixel is an important step in fixing bugs are glitches. They can also provide further Soundfonts and blade effects


In order to upgrade, you must follow the steps below


If you are unsure on how to dissassemble your lightsabers, please contact us for instructions


Finding your SD Card


1) Remove the grip and pommel to access your XenoPixel chassis.


2) Remove the battery. Make sure to note down the correct polarity of the battery. Each end is marked with positive (+) and negative (-) ends.


3) You can locate the SD card either below the soundbaord, or on top. Please note down the correct orientation of the SD card before removing.


4) Take caring in removing the SD card. You can use your fingers or tweezers to help, but you must be carefull not to damaged it or the surrounding electronics in the process.


Updating the firmware:


1) Download the ‘update.bin’ and Open the file’s location on your PC or Mac.

2) Open the micro SD card, and open the ‘set’ folder.

3) Drop the ‘update.bin’ in the ‘set’ folder.

4) Once the .bin file is in the ‘set’ folder, safely eject your micro SD card and install it back into your chassis.

5) Install the battery, but do not turn the hilt on. Wait for sound confirmation once the battery is installed indicating that the update has begun, followed by one that indicates it has been completed.


Link to Update File