Force Spirit - Xenopixel
Force Spirit - Xenopixel
Force Spirit - Xenopixel

Force Spirit - Xenopixel

Accessories: No
Blade Plug and Lightsaber Stand
Product description
Every lightsaber is made using Aluminium 6063 which allows for heavy combat, authentic weight and durability.

All our Pixel lightsabers now come with our updated XenoPixel 2.0 soundboard that brings some of the most advanced features to the lightsaber market.

XenoPixel 2.0 lightsabers use its onboard SD card capabilities which allow the user to upload even more sound fonts. Not only that, but the SD card comes with 37 pre-installed sound, blade and start-up ignition effects.

The blade is powered by a 50W LED light strip that is inside the blade itself which offers the ultimate, authentic lightsaber experience.

  • bright 50 Watt LED Neo Pixel blade
  • XenoPixel Board with SanDisk 16GB SD card
  • Rainbow Blade, Ghost Blade, Blaster blade 
  • On/Off blade activation via motion 
  • 37 pre-loaded character sound fonts and effects!
  • Motion selection menus
  • Amazing smooth swing technology 
  • Rechargeable battery with USB cable
  • Pixel Blade (round tip) 92cm
  • Preon ignitions
  • Stab/drag/melt effects
  • Blaster deflection & lock-up
  • Flash on clash
  • 12 colour changes
  • Blade Included