Rey Double Lightsaber - RGB
Rey Double Lightsaber - RGB
Rey Double Lightsaber - RGB
Rey Double Lightsaber - RGB

Rey Double Lightsaber - RGB

Blade: RGB
Product description

Our newest release, and without a doubt our most requested lightsaber to date.

The Rey Double lightsaber comes with x2 blades and can easily be folded away for either display purposes, or extended so you can use it as intended as a double-ended lightsaber.

The most move accurate lightsaber available!

Every lightsaber is made using Aluminium 6063 which allows for heavy combat, authentic weight and durability.

All our RGB lightsabers now come with our updated X-RGB soundboard. One of the best features is called 'SmoothSwing' which allows for perfect full range swing sound motion, no matter the lightsabers orientation

Thanks to the RGB blade you can choose from 12+ inbuilt colours which can easily be changed with a press of a button.

The soundboard also includes 9 sound fonts with non-official voice quotes inc effects featuring, Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, Fallen order, Ben Solo, The Flex, Rey Skywalker, Sheev Palpatine, Count Dooku, General Grievous. Each font also matches the blade hum and swing motion sound exactly to each character as in the movies.

Looking for the ultimate lightsaber experience. Check out our XenoPixel 2.0 lightsabers that have onboard SD card capabilities to upload more sound fonts, and a 50W LED light strip inside the blade for a true, authentic lightsaber experience.

Not only that, but the SD card comes with 37 pre-installed sound, blade and start-up ignition effects.